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Every Body
Gets Tired
The H4X.

There comes a time when your body just cant take it anymore. With so many H1/H2 cameras in the market with 3rd party backs that are getting older and older, the H4X is a fantastic replacement, which lets you take advantage of most of the features that photographers have come to expect from Hasselblad H series cameras.

Since the launch of the H1 in 2002, and its successor the H2/H2F, thousands upon thousands of professional photographers and rental studios have come to rely upon these sturdy workhorses for their bread and butter. After almost a decade of continuous use and hundreds of thousands of exposures, however, many H1 and H2/H2F bodies are growing tired and are now in need of refurbishment or replacement. 

As Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives… but the one most responsive to change.” And not to disrespect the honorable Charles, but we at Hasselblad think that you can have it all – strength and the ability to change. That’s why we developed the H4X.

The H4X provides a fantastic successor or upgrade to your H1 or H2/H2F body and supports all H System lenses, most third party backs*, and even features a film back option. The H4X also provides a technological bridge to our faithful H1 and H2/H2F customers enabling them to take advantage of most of the features that photographers have come to expect from a Hasselblad H4 series camera, including Hasselblad’s world-acclaimed True Focus technology, which allows you to concentrate completely on creativity without worrying about focus mechanics, and the ability to use the HVD 90x viewfinder optimized for the 36×48mm format.

The H4X – the evolution continues.  

*All third party backs operating within the H1/H2/H2F protocol are supported by the H4X. See further info under the Q&A section.


Limited Time Offer:

Purchase the H4X now WITHOUT the trade-in*.

• H4X camera body with CR-123 grip, w/o viewfinder: $5,700

• H4X camera body with CR-123 grip and HV 90x-II viewfinder: $7,200

• H4X camera body with CR-123 grip and HVD 90x viewfinder: $7,200

*Limited time offer