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Normal working day

A normal work day for me can contain almost anything. If we're in the middle of the development phase of a new lens it would be computerised lens design the full day. It could also be calculations or analysis work for our software lens corrections, or for the AF system; lens testing, production-related matters, like cosmetic issues; discussions with photographers or contact with our partner company in lens production - Fujinon. No day is really ever the same.

Requirements for the position

For lens design I think patience is a good characteristic, as well as some analytical skills. Optical design at a camera manufacturer means more things than just design of optics for lenses. There are optical things all over the place. So I think a broad knowledge in a number of technology areas, as well some feeling for how the parts of a camera interact as a "system" is essential.

Challenges in my role

The design of our 28 mm wide-angle lens has been a challenging experience for me. A couple of our later designs are perhaps even more complex, but that was the first time I took on a design task that difficult completely on my own. And I'm still 100% happy with the result. Currently, perhaps the most challenging part of my job is that I’m the only one doing it; there is no one to ask.

Working environment

Many of my colleagues have actually worked here even more years than I have (Hasselblad seems to be a place where people like to stay), so we know each other well by now... Even though I've been here for 23 years now I still feel like one of the newbies. We also like to spend time together outside of work, sometimes a few of us go jogging after work.


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