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Normal working day

I'm responsible for the testing of our cameras and software. My primary task at Hasselblad is to verify that our editing software Phocus works perfectly without errors. This is a quite challenging task since the program is constantly updated to comply with the demands for new and more complex functionalities.
Being a part of the Research and Development team has been very inspiring and educational for me for several reasons. First of all teamwork is essential in my job. I usually have close contact with the developers, since they correct the problems I discover. Some errors can only be discovered by comprehensive tests of all camera types, which means that a systematic approach is necessary. For that reason we develop test programs to ensure a good performance when a new version of Hasselblad software is released. However creativity and intuition is needed to find more unusual errors. In fact working as a tester is like searching for a needle in a haystack – a needle with unknown size and shape. Many errors seem obvious when found, but sometimes they have been unnoticed by us for years. In such cases it’s a pleasure for me to know, that my work will be appreciated by our users.

Working environment

I really enjoy working at Hasselblad since I believe that we create outstanding cameras and software. Being part of a progressive development is very motivating for me. For new employees I'll recommend that you learn the basics of cameras. You don't need comprehensive insight in photography, but it's definitely a common interest among many of my colleagues. Nevertheless the crucial factor is that you want to make a difference, because that is really possible at Hasselblad. In Research and Development team we often discuss new features and I’m happy that I can participate in this important process.
Moreover flexible working hours are very important for me, since the burden of homework from my study and my participation in international sport tournaments make me very busy in some periods. I'm very happy for my manager’s understanding.
Another advantage when working on Hasselblad is the possibility to borrow a Hasselblad camera. This is a great experience when you are an amateur photographer.


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