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August - Juan Zi.

A shape in motion, a body in flight. The feeling of weightlessness. Capturing such ethereal notions is not usually the domain of fashion photography, but in certain images one feels a tangible impermanence, a sense of change frozen but not stilled, that belies the stark simplicity of the image.

Juan Zi studied fine art, fashion design and photography for several years in China and started to use camera and film as a means to create and express her artistic nature. In 1995 she began to work as a professional photographer and has since then made a fantastic photographic career. In 1998 she was ranked first at the 'National Excellent Professional Fashion Photographers’ Competition”. In addition she has won the “Gold Award” for portraiture in China twice and has been awarded as the best fashion photographer in China for several years.

 Juan Zi’s main customers are fashion houses, cosmetics companies, actors, singers and advertising agencies. She has taken several cover pictures and prepared special issues of pictures for popular magazines including Cosmopolitan, Elle and Chinese Fashion. She has also photographed for large clothing manufacturers such as Pierre Cardin, Roman and Unit One. For six years she served as picture editor of fashion photography with the Chinese Textile Press.

Juan Zi is specifically interested in the fields of  fashion and beauty and strives for assignments that are lucrative but where she can be creative too. Her ambition is to develop and create new ideas and she feels particularly satisfied when the customers can use her images profitably.

Juan Zi’s often uses a Hasselblad 503cxi and on rare occasions she works with a 35 mm camera.  What she likes most about Hasselblad equipment is the quality and the customer support. She also appreciates its user-friendliness; “You feel completely free to focus fully on image creation”, as she says.

In her leisure time Juan Zi likes to take landscape images but regrets that the there is less and less time for this favourite activity.

Kerstin Fiedler