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June - Tomas Yeh.

Focus is never only a matter of clarity and definition. Focus is sometimes more about concentration and decision, about steering a viewer´s eye. About guiding their vision.

During his long career as a commercial photographer, Tomas Yeh has developed his own photographic style, with food and still life photographs as his specialty. The images have a sense of being unreal, and exude a strong and exciting creative feeling. The theme that runs through his images is of the good things in life, such as food, wine, fruit, and vegetables. Tomas Yeh has illustrated several cookbooks, including the classic "Johanna’s Secrets", a cookbook that has almost reached cult status among chefs and other food-interested people in the culinary world. "Mannerström’s Fish and Shellfish" and "Swedish Tastes" are other examples of cookbooks where Tomas Yeh’s tasteful images tempt both the eye and the palate. His photographs are also found in art galleries and several highly respected restaurants.

 Tomas Yeh began his photographic career as an assistant for commercial and fashion photographers in Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. This gave him a broad technical foundation to build on. “Since I have mastered the technical side, I can let my creativity run completely free when I work. Often, my inspiration comes when I am out walking and seeing things around me. It can be a fence, a windowpane, or the pattern of a tire. Once I have the basic idea ready, I do detailed sketches. I am usually well prepared when I go into the studio."

It is easy to assume that Tomas Yeh’s images are digitally manipulated. That is not the case, however. All photos are done with Hasselblad cameras and the conventional components of light, filters, double-exposure, etc. The camera model he uses the most is the 201F with 110, 120, and 150 mm lenses plus converter.

Tomas Yeh emphasizes that his work is just one part of an important team effort. When shooting food photographs, he works together with an art director, a cook, and his wife Sara. Sara is the studio manager and keeps track of the practical details, such as styling and props. All work, from concept sketches to food preparation and photography, takes place in the studio, which consists of a large, gourmet kitchen in addition to the more traditional studio section where the camera equipment is kept.

Tomas Yeh has never really wanted to be categorized, and says that it is the agencies that determine what assignments he does. But he does not deny his interest in food. In addition to his commercial assignments, he has also worked for some time now on his own private project, "Artistic Food Photography". These images can be seen on his website at www.yeh.se. Here you will also find a photo of the photographer himself, decked out in full fishing regalia. For in addition to photography, fly-fishing is one of Tomas Yeh’s major interests.