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November - Duda Carvalho.

Duda Carvalho was born in 1968 and lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He works as a photographer in the advertising and fashion field and his clients include Triumph International, Coca-Cola Company and Varig Airlines. Duda Carvalho has had his work published in Graphis Photo 97 (USA) and Graphis Nudes 3 (USA) and exhibited his work at Sergio Milliet Gallery MNBA, RJ, Brazil, in 1995. In 1996 he received the AGFA Award and five years later the Nikon International award.

 Duda Carvalho lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
He began as a graphic designer, but moved completely over to photography in the 1990s. He worked, among other things, as an assistant to other photographers. But primarily he has learned, he says, by studying the work of other photographers. He is an avid collector of photography books, especially books by the great classical photographers. He particularly admires photographers such as Dorethea Lange, Helmut Newton, and Peter Lindbergh.

Duda is a multifaceted photographer. He has published two books: Graphis Photo 97 and Graphis Nudes III. In 1996 he received the French Agfa B&W Award and in 2001 the Nikon International Award. He has shown his photographs at exhibitions in both Brazil and the USA. His first published photo was a black and white portrait of a surfer for a surfing magazine. In later years, his work has been more fashion oriented. “Fashion photography is my favorite area. It’s a nice blend of portrait, documentary, and architectural photography and the assignments are often combined with exciting travel and meeting interesting and exciting people.”

Duda is currently working on several projects of his own. One deals with horses shot dramatically, another with the culture and landscape of southern Italy and the Mediterranean. Both projects are being shot in black and white and the Mediterranean photographs are taken with a Hasselblad XPan II. The photographs will be shown at an exhibition in Rio de Janeiro during 2004.

Read more about Duda Carvalho on his website.

Kerstin Fiedler