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June - Nigel Parry.

Nigel Parry began his photographic career in London in 1989. Six years later he moved to New York, allowing him to pursue his editorial and advertising work. Since then, he has been commissioned by all the major international publications and some of the most influential advertising, movie and music companies in the world. Nigel’s work has been seen on the front cover of such magazines as Time, Premiere and The New York Times Magazine as well as exhibited worldwide at various art galleries and museums.

English-born Nigel Parry began his photographic career at the Groucho Club in Soho, London. There, in 1987, he was asked by the club to photograph its members and eventually created a portrait series that was exhibited at the club.At the time, he was working as a graphic designer for a prestigious publishing company.
The exhibition was very well received and as a result Nigel decided to quit his ordinary job and take up photography fulltime.This proved to be a very fortunate move and shortly afterward he was contacted by the London Sunday Times asking him to photograph a complete portrait series for the newspaper.

In 1994 Nigel moved to New York and has worked there ever since.Within a few years he shot to the top of his profession as an advertising and editorial photographer. His client list includes some of the principal names in the international advertising, movie, and music business. He has photographed for Pepsi, IBM, Mercedes, BMW, and EMI. In addition, his photographs have been published in many of the major publications throughout the world, such as Vanity Fair,Vogue, Newsweek, W, The New York Times Magazine, GQ, Esquire, Premiere, In Style, Time, The Sunday Times Magazine (London), and Amica (Italy).

Nigel’s work has been shown at many art galleries and museums, including the National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum of Film and Photography. In 1999 he was the first portrait photographer invited to exhibit at the prestigious film festival in Cannes.
Nigel has received numerous awards for his powerful photography in America and throughout the world. In 2000 he published his first book, Sharp. His second book Precious, is soon to come.

As a portrait photographer, how would you describe yourself?
– I would say that I am a “no frills” sort of photographer.All the techniques I use during the shoot are subject-specific and vary for everyone, from the most complicated strobe lighting to simple daylight. The main consideration is that the person sitting in front of my camera is (at that moment) the most important person in the world.

 What is the major key to your photography?
– Seeing the image before I shoot, being flexible, and above all knowing what I am trying to say with the photograph I am about to make.

Which photographers inspire you?
– Inspiration comes from outside, from assimilating everything I see and feel around me. But if I am pressed to name names, it would have to be Henri Cartier-Bresson for his “decisive moment”, Yousuf Karsh for his incredible ability to see light, and Eve Arnold for having said that one must never devalue a person’s dignity when they are so gracious as to loan you their face.

What ambitions do you have about your photographic work?
– To make the viewer feel as though the subject I am photographing is standing right there in front of them.

What is the most fun part in your work?
– Meeting people.

Tell us more about your new book?
– Precious is a collaboration between myself and the portrait photographer Melanie Dunea. In this project we pose the question “What is the most precious part of your body” to personalities who graciously donate their time and energy to part take and be photographed. The end result will be the photo book Precious, published by Powerhouse Books, in conjunction with the charity Starlight Foundation. All the royalties from the sales of the book will be donated to the charity which is dedicated to the needs of seriously ill children throughout New York and the USA. The book will be published in October of 2004.

Find out more about Nigel Parry at his website.