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September - Francisco Gomes.

Francisco Gomes, born in Portugal in 1955, has lived in Mexico for more than 20 years.

He is a serious amateur photographer, who over the years has spent a lot of time learning and practising photographic rules. But now, he says, he enjoys breaking them. "Every time I shoot, I build a new reality by composing and cropping, by altering perspectives and ways of seeing and perceiving. Seeing what everyone sees but no one sees is what photography is all about.”

“I learned the rules of photography long ago but now I gladly break them”, said Francisco Gomes in an article in Forum 4/2002. In that issue he was a wideangle XPan photographer and now appears as a Hasselblad SWC user.
“Since I have control over technique I never become a slave to it and so can concentrate completely on artistic expression, working intuitively” he says today.

 “I concentrate on conveying images of my surroundings as I see them. I never try to document reality. I normally use Kodak T Max and Ilford Pan F Plus 50. The latter I usually underexpose to achieve more contrast in the pictures. Sometimes I use an orange filter and underexpose by a stop or two to increase the drama. Nowadays I scan the negatives in my ‘digital darkroom’, saving the files at between 50 and 150 MB which means I can enlarge them quite a bit.”

“The 905SWC, with its excellent Zeiss Biogon 38mm lens, gives me a special sense of freedom. Within the frame there is lot of space and there is no distortion. I can twist and turn the camera freely to get a new view of things. The camera is simple and compact and becomes an extension of both body and soul.”

Francisco Gomes

Francisco Gomes´ camera equipment comprises a Hasselblad 905SWC, a 500CM and an XPan