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August - Oscar Mattsson.

Oscar works mainly with advertising agencies and magazines. He believes a feeling of spontaneity in his work is more important than perfection, though most important is cooperation with the art director. “I shoot surrounded by chaos using loads of exposures to be able to capture the picture in my mind,” adds the widely travelled Oscar.

As is often the case, Oscar Mattsson started early in photography with a camera that he received as a present. Being only eight years old, couldn’t afford to buy more film when the first ten Polaroid films had run out. As a consequence, his interest changed back to buying records. But not for too long however, his absorption in things visual was to prevail and eventually won him back after photographing his girlfriend. From that point on he wanted to become a photographer.

Oscar Mattsson was born and bred in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is based there today. His workplace though is broader as he travels a good deal. Indeed, it is one of his ambitions to see every country in the world having already visited 85 to date. His portfolio is broad too as he takes on portraits, cars, fashion, landscape, advertising and editorial. He started as an assistant for a while and then went on to photo school.  As a freelancer, he began in 1997 and is now firmly established as a name with a studio and long client list.

If he has a trademark then perhaps one is his sense of unusual and exciting composition, which makes for strong, compelling images. He has been inspired by countless artists and photographers. A list would include Richard Avedon, Christer Strömholm, Sally Mann, Rankin, Nick Knight as well as his own colleagues.

 On the camera front he chooses an H1 while his favourite lenses are the 120mm – “the sharpness is just great” – the 35mm and 50mm. He shoots both digitally and with film.

Oscar Mattsson is a busy man so it doesn’t seem likely that he would get bored with his career but offers an angle that he has on things; “Consider your job a hobby, so that it isn’t only hard work but also fun; always make the best of what you’ve got.”

Maybe he follows his own advice, as there seems to be an element of fun or playfulness that is also noticeable in many of his pictures. Have a look for yourself at Oscar´s website.