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June - Andreas Teichmann.

Andreas Teichmann is an advertising photographer and photojournalist. He works for magazines such as GEO, Mare, Stern and Brand Eins as well as well-known international agencies. He feels he can express himself better through his personal work but there is little time for such as nowadays he has so many assignments.

“DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY is a revolution in terms of workflow and speed. On the other hand storage is becoming more and more important. Right now there is no reliable data storage system on the market,” says Andreas Teichmann, photographer in Essen in Germany.
He was born in 1970 and studied at the Folkwangschule in his hometown. He is a member of ‘laif’, a photo agency in Cologne, and works for magazines such as GEO, Spiegel and Stern. His interest in photography took off when he was an exchange student in South Africa in 1988.

“When I was there I attended extra photography lessons at the Johannesburg School of Art, Ballet and Drama. But I had already started taking photographs when I was 14.”
He had no other serious thoughts regarding choice of profession, “I considered becoming a journalist but discovered that I could express myself better in pictures than in words.”

 His pictures often have a humorous touch; sometimes they even seem slightly absurd.
“The English photographer Martin Parr is a real inspiration to me. I love his humorous point of view. To me photography is the only language that works internationally.When you take a photograph that can be understood by someone from Norway it can also be understood by someone from China. Photography is a good communication tool.”

When questioned about what he is working on right now and what plans he has for the future, his answer is quick, “Essen has just been chosen as the European Culture Capital for 2010. Right now I’m busy on a big project focused on my hometown which includes a variety of portraits and places in and around the area.” Because of his way of looking at things, he has been offered quite a few odd assignments over the years.
“I would like to mention two special assignments in particular. One was the first Ice Golf Championship in Uummaanaq in Greenland,with an outside working temperature of 30 degrees below zero. I used my Hasselblad 501CM for that. Another one was the shooting of an underwater cyclist in the Mediterranean Sea in 2001, for which I had to learn scuba diving.

Today Andreas works with a Hasselblad H1D saying, “I need technical perfection and reliability as well as good support from my local dealer.And Hasselblad stands for quality and professionalism.”
Andreas is also in a position of being able to have a small but highly qualified team working with him.“I have Karola,who manages the office and does all the paperwork.Then there is Martin who takes care of postproduction and Eva who is our main assistant. These people help me with the planning and many other aspects of my photo assignments.”
He does not regret anything in his professional career. “This job is very changeable and regretting things once in a while is part of it. The important thing is to change your personal perspective now and then to understand that there is always more than one way of doing it.”