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September - Roth and Ramberg.

Dale Roth and Michele Ramberg met at photography school in Canada and started their own business together afterwards. “Our favourite type of photography is to be sent into an unknown situation and see what we can come up with”. Currently Dale and Michele are working on their annual fun project, their own Roth and Ramberg calendar.

Sometimes synergy works. In fact it’s not so uncommon to find partnerships in various fields of activity, Lennon and McCartney, Crick and Watson, Orville and Wilbur Wright, and so on. And now synergy finds its way into the Hasselblad Masters in the form of Roth and Ramberg.

 Dale Roth and Michele Ramberg hail from Canada where they still reside, based in Alberta. They set up ‘Roth and Ramberg Photography’ there in 1993 where they take on a variety of accounts that cover corporate, advertising and editorial work. When time allows they continue their photographic pursuits with personal work. It might a journalistic illustration of the grit and grime of cowboy life in grainy black and white. Or, as is the case in their latest promotional desk calendar, a slightly offbeat photo essay on some of the present happenings in Roswell, USA, home of an alleged UFO crash in 1947. When the subject matter allows, it is not uncommon to find a thread of humour running through a number of their images, which has been picked up by clients wanting such an angle.

And clients include McDonalds, Bell Canada, CN Rail, Toyota and others. Awards include Les Prix Extra Awards 2004, National Magazine Awards 2004 and others.

The business partners met at photography school in Canada and assisted for a while afterwards. But over a beer and pizza it was decided to combine talents and work as hard as they could while having as much fun as they could, as they say themselves. From then on the partnership flourished to where they are today.

One distinguishing skill they have is their handling of their subjects, making the people feel at ease for the shoot. The equipment they normally choose is a Hasselblad H1D. They like the immediate feedback it offers and have noticed their clients appreciate it too.

For a review at what they have done so far, take a look at their website.