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June - Tang Hui.

Tang Hui started to take pictures when he was a soldier. Today, he is established as one of the most prestigious Chinese photographers. Tang Hui's major clients are Motorola, Nokia, Lining, Lenovo, IBM, Nestle, Audi, Canon, Samsung, Intel to mention a few. His present assignments include working on sports advertisements, especially sport stars.


Although award-winning Tang Hui now couldn’t imagine doing anything else as a career, his introduction to photography was not the most conventional.  His first experience behind the lens was as an 18 year old soldier on duty during the Sino-Vietnam war, when one of his comrade-in-arms got a camera and they all excitedly took turns to take pictures during their leave.  Unfortunately though, none of them knew even the basics of photographic processes, which resulted in unexpected consequences as he remembers: “At that time I had no concept of photography or of the way cameras work, so I was surprised when it seemed that the film roll was still not finished, even after I’d taken dozens of shots.  Nobody knew why this was, so one of the soldiers opened the cover of the camera in the sunlight to find out … and of course it was immediately overexposed, a real pity!”

Undeterred, Tang went on to undertake rather better, and more comprehensive, training courses – the key, he believes, to his success - and he was inspired by his teacher, Xie Feng, to take up photography eventually as a full-time professional.  Although he is now comfortable taking on any kind of photographic assignment, Tang has become best known for his commercial work and has built up an impressive portfolio of clients including Motorola, Nokia, Lenovo, IBM, Nestle, Audi, Canon, Samsung and Intel.

 His current project, shooting a series of advertisements featuring sports stars, has been his most satisfying to date and he hopes that, going forward, he can concentrate more on expressing his creativity through sports photography.  For the majority of his shoots, Tang relies on his Hasselblad 503CW camera and H3D-39 digital camera system to deliver images of unsurpassed quality and file size.  “As a commercial photographer,” he says, “I am very pleased with both the quality of the Hasselblad images and the build quality of the cameras themselves.  They are robust, easy-to-handle and extremely flexible for all sorts of projects.”

While Tang is satisfied with his career achievements to date, he does regret the fact that the demands of his work have left him unable to spend time on any of the personal projects he‘d like to accomplish.  He therefore hopes that by implementing his plan to take more stylish, personalized photos and by becoming a specialist photographer, he’ll also fulfil his dream of having more time to spend with his family and to enjoy life.