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Fashion/Beauty - Andrej Kopac.

Andrej Kopac was born in British Columbia in 1968. Andrej Kopac grew up on Canada’s west coast, spending much time outdoors hiking, camping and fishing. He interrupted his physics studies at the University of Victoria to travel around Asia. Inspired by the vast Nepalese landscapes, he began to take photographs.

On his return to university, Kopac switched his studies to Fine Arts. Graduating with a B.F.A. in 1992, Kopac moved to Montreal to pursue a Masters inArt History at Concordia University. He then started to produce more serious artwork with influences ranging from Atget to the Bechersto Bayer as well as Modernist architecture and graphic design. Moving to Toronto to finish his Master’s thesis in 1996, he spent the nextfour years assisting the city’s top commercial and fashion photographers. He also began to shoot editorial work and launched his first serious commercial portfolio. Over time the focusof his work has switched from representations of spaces to include more people.













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