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Landscapes/Nature - Hans Strand.

Hans Strand born in Sweden in 1955. Hans Strand was originally a mechanical engineer but after nine years in engineering, back pain made a career change necessary. He decided to make his longtime hobby of landscape photography his life’s work. Although the circumstances of shifting vocations were difficult, it is a change he has never regretted.

Strand feels a particular affinity with the landscapes of Scandinavia. However, he has photographed scenery ranging from the vast expanses of the Artic to steaming rainforests and arid deserts.Strand has published two books with author Rolf Edberg: And The Sea Never Rests (1995)and For as Long as The Forests Grow (1998), as well as one volume, The Eighth Day (2002)with author Bo Landin. He is currently finishing his fourth book, Artic Impressions, due forpublication in 2009. His work has appeared in such international magazines as NationalGeographic, Animan, Terre Sauvage, and Camera Natura. He lectures on his photographyboth in Sweden and abroad. Strand lives and works with his wife Carina in Stockholm, andthey have a daughter, Johanna. Apart from photography, he has a great passion for classicalmusic and is a connoisseur of fine wines.













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