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Portrait - Morfi Jiménez Mercado.

Morfi Jiménez was born in 1976 in Lima, Peru. Morfi Jiménez is a self-taught photographer whose formal studies are in advertising and film. His first photographic experience was at a local newspaper in Lima, where he gained valuable laboratory experience copying and developing black-andwhite photographs.

While he was assigned to society and commercial work, he would alsoread many fine art photography books and magazines for inspiration. By the end of 2004,he had acquired his first lighting equipment, which allowed him to take on more clientsand deal with more complicated subjects. Jiménez is highly versatile, with work spanningindustrial and advertising to all kinds of portraiture. However, his greatest passions are hisnude portraits and images of life in the Peruvian Andes.













Read more go to www.morfijimenezmercado.com

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