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Gregor Halenda was Born in 1965. Gregor Halenda grew up in Colorado. He started in photography at the age of eight, bringing in his first paycheck at the age of twelve.

He paid for his schooling through newspaper photography in high school and college. Photojournalism was his first craft. However, after moving to New York in 1992 and working with Gregory Heisler, hebecame adept at creative problem-solving and technical precision. He started shootingdigital in 1993, but as the systems then could only capture still objects, he became a stilllife photographer. After years using every system made, he finally purchased a Hasselbladso he could turn to location shooting and indulge his passion for motorcycles. He seeshimself as an aesthete, always in search of the elegant solution: “the world presents achaos of options and as an artist my role is to vet the most pleasing choices.” Halenda hasnot entered contests until this one. Although he has not exhibited yet, he’s very interestedin the prospect.














For more go to www.gregorhalenda.com

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