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Architectural - Stephan Zirwes.

German photographer Stephan Zirwes is most known for his aerial shots, finding delicate and poetic forms in the most mundane or exciting of environments.

Zirwes’ architectural images work shows us the patterns, connections, borders, uniformities and contrasts of buildings and structures, but also touches upon current political and socio-critical themes as well. The orthogonal view of his photographs reduces space into two dimensions and results in abstract forms that, on the surface don’t tell a story, but open on a deeper level to allow an unemotional, aesthetical view of a “real-picture-graphic”. The content of the image, with its abstract appearance relying on our visual dithering of images to form quickly conceived notions, is not exactly tangible, but still perfectly classifiable.

As soon as you step closer to the picture, however, the dots and lines begin to unscramble - they turn into humans, buildings, and recognizable components. More and more details, such as the texture and quality of the surfaces, the people in the image, and the still existing traces of their actions can be discovered. And at the bottom of it all, we find a recurring theme, that of human beings themselves. 


To read more go to www.stephanzirwes.com

Click here to watch a video from Stephan's shooting session for the Hasselblad Masters book Vol.2 - Emotion.