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Wedding/Social - Joao Carlos.

Working out of Lisbon and New York, Portuguese photographer Joao Carlos approaches his shoots from the perspective of a painter, conveying emotions through visionary storytelling, rich settings, and shots that rely primarily on natural light.

Joâo is especially inspired by 18th century and combines influences from this era with fantasy driven ideas from novels, lyrics, and poems that together can form the foundation for a strong image. Joâo envisions his photography as an opportunity to create inspiring pieces of artwork, to go beyond the conventionality and impermanence of fashion and commercial photography, and to take his images to a lasting fine-art level. His appreciation for the arts in all aspects is what continues to inspire and drive him while capturing the stories in his lens.

Joâo’s work has been published in a variety of publications including Numero, J’adore Magazine, Six Degrees, Umbigo Magazine, and Nstyle to name a few. He has worked with Clients such as Nike, Avon, Pfizer, and many others.

Read more go to www.joaocarlosphoto.com

Click here to watch a video from Joâo's shooting session for the Hasselblad Masters book Vol.2 - Emotion.