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Fine Art: Olivier Valsecchi.

Olivier Valsecchi, France

The winner of the Fine Art Category of the Hasselblad Masters Award is French photographer Olivier Valsecchi. Olivier was born in Paris in 1979 and as a teenager, composed his own music. He became interested in photography after producing pictures to illustrate his record sleeves.

“For more than ten years I’ve been producing self-portraits in order to learn and to have fun,” he says. “I enrolled at photography school to study technique and to see if I could ever make a living in the business.”

 Olivier will tackle the Masters assignment in the same way as he works on all his fine art projects. “This time, however, I’ll leave my 503CW on one side and I will use the H4D that Hasselblad has sent me,” he says.“I adore Hasselblad cameras as objects in themselves. I had a crush on the 503CW when I took it in my hands for the first time because it’s kind of both modern and ancient at the same time. It’s a big camera, so I usually fix it on the tripod and make the scene come to me. The more I’m free to focus on the model and the light, the better I like it.”


Olivier Valsecchi website:


Christian Tagliavini from Switzerland still holds the title of Hasselblad Master 2012 in the Fine Art category, but will not be part of the Hasselblad Masters 2012 Programme and therefore will not be presented in the Hasselblad Masters Book Vol. 3.