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Wildlife: Joachim Schmeisser.

Joachim Schmeisser, Germany

Born in Baden–Württemberg in 1958, Schmeisser has gravitated towards photography and developing a personal viewpoint on the world since childhood. He has been an independent advertising photographer and a proprietor of the WAJS visual communications agency since 1984. He has lived and worked in Würzberg/Höhberg since 1994.

“I’ve always been in awe of the Hasselblad Masters awards. Being selected for this honor is one of the greatest recognitions a photographer can receive, and it’s a great challenge for me to pay close attention to the paths I take and the kinds of projects I take on.”

 “It’s unpredictable but inspiration can come about in a few short moments; things can materialize that, previously were not in your line of sight. Sometimes, photographers are just passive observers but other times we are active participants and have a great influence on the image. When it comes to truly evocative art in the contemporary world, one of the greatest inspirations for me would be Ai Weiwei. The breadth and influence of his work is remarkable. In terms of projects I’ve worked on, dealing with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was a really great personal experience and deeply moving.”


Joachim Schmeisser website:


Lucas Pupo from Brazil still holds the title of Hasselblad Master 2012 in the Wildlife category, but will not be part of the Hasselblad Masters 2012 Programme and therefore will not be presented in the Hasselblad Masters Book Vol. 3.