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“Close the Gate” – The Ferrari Calendar 2012

14/11/2011 Hasselblad photographer Günther Raupp has been able to realize a long-cherished dream for the title picture of the Ferrari Calendar 2012. In doing so, he succeeded in achieving the nigh impossible – closing the gate to the plant of the legendary car manufacturer in Maranello.

1411-ferrariPhoto: Ferrari 125 S (1947) and Ferrari FF (2011) - Maranello, Via Abetone Inferiore, 4

“The title for the 28th edition of the Ferrari calendar was intended to pay homage to a photo that Enzo Ferrari arranged to have taken in 1947 of his first-ever model in front of the factory gate at that time,” Günther Raupp reveals. “And what could be more natural than the idea of seizing on that historic motif and reinterpreting it with my own style and modern photographic technology by capturing the new FF (Ferrari Four) at the famous entrance in Maranello.” Since the firm’s foundation, the gate has been the main access to this fastest company in the world, “it is Ferrari’s main artery,” Raupp continues, “and the thought of briefly bringing this to a standstill especially appealed to me.”

In realizing the impossible, the photographer found that chance came to his aid. The new 651-hp Ferrari was still standing ready for action on the site after a shooting session prevented by rain. The weather was perfect and the head of security was being cooperative.

There was one precondition – it had to take place very quickly. And so in the early hours of the morning a dream came true: the Ferrari works entrance was closed off for Raupp’s idea of a perfect shot; nobody else was allowed to pass. The photo had to be in the bag within a very short time, any technical problems would have put an end to this unique opportunity.

This is why Günther Raupp, a Hasselblad photographer since he acquired his first 500 ELM in 1978, was relying entirely on his Hasselblad H3DII-50 and explained: “As well as the unique quality that Hasselblad supplies, it’s the camera’s ease of handling that so inspires me in very special situations like this. After all, when I’m working under extreme time pressure, I expect my camera to function like a revolver in the Wild West. There’s no second chance.” The photographer goes on to point out: “in a shooting session, I have to keep my head clear for my creativity; I don’t want to be burdened by technology.”

The fact that his head was clear for creativity is not only apparent in the title picture. On the other pages of the Ferrari Calendar 2012 as well – in its limited edition of 5,000 copies worldwide – Günther Raupp presents unique photos of dynamic sports cars from the legendary Italian marque.

You can find further information on the 2012 Official Ferrari Calendar at: