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H3DII-39 Captures European Fine Art Photo of the Year

05/01/2010 For Belgian photographer Tom Jones Hasselblad spells victory.

Tom Jones’ winning image. © Tom Jones.

FEP Group photo
Hasselblad photographer Tom Jones won the FEP-Towergate Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award 2009 for his image. Here (left to right), FEP President Neil Warner and Towergate Camerasure representative
Stuart Grieb present the trophy to Tom and Sylvia Jones, who holds the certificate.

Tom Jones, of Jones Photography, in Knokke, Belgium, has won the Federation of European Photographers' European Fine Art Photographer of the Year Award for 2009. Jones’ winning image  (pictured at left) - one of 550 entries vying for the prestigious FEP fine art award - was captured with the Hasselblad H3DII-39.

At a special ceremony held at the Photo Museum of Antwerp, Belgium, in mid-December, Jones received the award from Stuart Grieb, a representative of award sponsor Towergate Camerasure. Epson, which also supports the competition, awarded Jones a membership in the Digigraphie® Collection, a world standard in fine art printing.

"I've worked with the H3DII for two years," said Jones," said Jones. "I've never seen such detail and dynamic range. And a large, bright viewfinder!!! I'm very fond of wide angles (28mm). On the H3DII-39 they are very sharp and the lens correction (Phocus) is amazingly easy. Because I live at the coast, I work a lot with horizons in my work. With most wide angles, in my 35mm experience, they were distorted and blurry at the edges. What a difference! Also, the programmable userbuttons and userprofiles of the H3DII work extremely well!"

The FEP European 2009 Awards Exhibition, which featured prints of the finalist images produced by Epson, was open to the public at the Photo Museum of Antwerp through the end of December 2009. The collection, which consists of the top 10 fine art images and the top image from each category in the Professional Photographer of the Year Award competition, will be exhibited throughout 2010 in several European locations, including Madrid, Milan, Lisbon, and Moscow.

FEP’s Professional Photographer of the Year Award had more than 2,000 entries from 600 photographers in 20 European countries. The overall winner of the FEP Professional Photographer of the Year 2009 Award is Josè Louis Peinado, of Spain, who won the Social category. The European Commercial Photographer of the Year is Gerry O’Leary, Republic of Ireland; and the Pictorial Photographer of the Year is Yuri Afanasiev, from Russia.

For more information on the FEP 2009 awards, visit www.europeanphotographers.eu.

For more on the Hasselblad H3DII-39, click here.

For more about Tom Jones, visit his new website, jonesphotography.eu, later this month.

Text by Alice B. Miller