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H4D-60: ‘Thanks. We just love it’

17/10/2011 “This is the most advanced digital camera in the world but the feel is not digital to me. It has a quality, a tone, a ‘film-feel’ that is deeper somehow than most digital stuff” - Sean Conboy.

We’ve been talking to some top photographers about the groundbreaking H4D-60 and how this camera has changed the way they work; whether that’s shooting insects and butterflies, stunning close-up portraits, Dubai’s Burj Al Arab (the world’s only seven star hotel) or Blackpool’s Grand Theatre. Here’s a summary of what they said – and you can read full stories and see their glorious imagery on this site under ‘H4D-60’.

Multi-award-winning, London-based Jonathan Knowles:


“I was the first professional photographer in London to get my hands on an H4D-60. I had been using the H3D-39 and H3D-39MS before but this new camera handles shadow areas even better than the H3D-39. Some frozen motion shots I do have to be photographed in total darkness so I can accurately sync the event and the flashes properly. The H4D-60 gives me a huge increase in the amount of image information, which enables me to edit more dramatically without worrying about quality loss.

The fact remains that if you want to shoot at the high-end in the advertising world you cannot skimp on your gear. The Hasselblad system is completely integrated. Lenses are designed to work with digital backs and the backs are integrated with the rest of the camera and system, and so on. Getting so close to subjects with this camera effectively expands our reality.

UK photographer Sean Conboy:


“Hasselblad has raised the bar once again with an array of new features. The new spirit level, for example, is just fantastic.

Sometimes your eye measurement isn’t exactly right and this feature gives me a second check right on the back of the camera.

And I am really loving the iPad app for Phocus. This means art directors can view what we’re shooting, explore the image, move around – all without the risk of changing my settings. I have to say that this camera’s tonal range is even better than ever. You get great range, like 12-13 stops – which gives you just tons of subtle detail and lets you capture the exact lighting and the precise mood of the shot.

I took the H4D-60 to Dubai and then brought it back to shoot in Blackpool. This camera is a fantastic ‘bread and butter’ camera for a photographer like me. This is the most advanced digital camera in the world but the feel is not digital to me. It has a quality, a tone, a ‘film-feel’ that is deeper somehow than most digital stuff.”

Christoph Rüttger and Matthias Schönhofer at Munich-based Schöttger Photography:


“We’ve been shooting with Hasselblad gear for six years now and it was primarily the brand image that motivated us. But once we got the cameras in our hands it was simply the quality of the hardware and how it affected our work that kept us in the Hasselblad stable.

We had an H4D-50 last year and now we have upgraded to the H4D-60. We love the True Focus feature and use it a lot in our portrait work. High definition, HDR and the clarity we get using Phocus software are very important for our style.

We actually use the 60 back on a Plaubel large format camera – and it works. You merely need to take a close look at a 60 megapixel file from the H4D-60 and you will have to agree that it’s worth it. Our clients expect and demand the best and with Hasselblad that is what we can provide.”