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Happy Christmas and here’s a present from us – Save 50% on a Hasselblad lens. Right now.

05/12/2011 And here’s how the deal works. Any photographer who buys a new H4D-40 camera with an 80mm lens can now purchase a second HC/HCD lens of their choice at a massive 50% discount.


The exclusive Christmas/New Year promotion (which must end on January 31st) means you could even decide to opt for an HCD 4-5.6/35-90mm zoom lens - and save up to € 2.650 / £ 2,397 / $ 3,747 overall on the purchase.

And the offer ties in seamlessly with our recent firmware upgrades. Previously one-click instant digital focus check; two directional electronic spirit level; improved high resolution display and a brand new rear display with grip info on the back, was available only on the groundbreaking H4D-60 camera. But now this comprehensive and complimentary firmware package is available to all current owners and new buyers of H4D cameras.

Chris Russell-Fish, Global Sales and Marketing Director tells Hasselblad News: “This firmware announcement means that alongside the 50% discount deal on a second lens, there has just never been a better time to invest in the cutting edge Hasselblad H4D-40”.

“We’ve made this camera just as easy to use as any 35mm DSLR but with a stupendous 40 megapixel medium format sensor that can fulfil the needs of even the most demanding high-end commercial photographers.”

He adds: “And our strategy, as is clearly evidenced with this firmware upgrade, is to populate as many cameras in our inventory as possible with the very latest Hasselblad advances – not just on our flagship models. We want to remove all obstacles between great photographers and great photographs.”

The H4D camera line provides users with full access to advanced features that set the H System apart from other high-end systems. Features like Phocus software, out-of-the-box Hasselblad natural colours, and outstanding H System lenses.

So now you can start the New Year with a new H4D-40 with an 80mm lens and get half-price discounts on any H line lens you select - from the HCD 4/28mm wide angle upwards. Happy 2012.

You can get more information about this offer at www.hasselblad.com/h4d-40-lenscampaign