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Masters Awards Winner 2001 Bernhard Edmaier publishes

25/08/2010 Bernhard Edmaier presents an awe-inspiring view of our planet. Published by Phaidon Press in November 2009, “Earth on Fire: How Volcanoes Shape our Planet” brings together 200 of his most spectacular photographs which reveal how volcanic activity has shaped the landscape of our planet.

Over the last decade, award-winning aerial photographer Bernhard Edmaier (b.1957) has photographed some of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful volcanic landscapes, amassing a unique archive of images depicting volcanoes both active and dormant, and a fascinating range of geothermal phenomena and formations. The result of meticulous planning and research, his travels take him from the endless deserts of Africa to the ice plains of Iceland and the coral of the Great Barrier Reef.


All of the images in “Earth on Fire” – which were taken over a period of ten years – were photographed with Hasselblad analog and digital cameras. Edmaier personally digitized the analog shots using a Hasselblad Imacon Flextight 949 scanner. For a first selection of fascinating images from the book “Earth on Fire”, please visit www.bernhardedmaier.de.

In his current project, the geologist and photographer once again presents breathtaking bird’s-eye
views. This time, his journey takes him and his H3DII-50 across the Alps from Nice, France to Vienna, Austria, where he captures striking images of the unique fold and overthrust formations that date back to the origins of the mighty mountain range.

Edmaier is looking forward to using his new Hasselblad H4D-60 in his future work and travels. “In
addition to my book projects, I also organize exhibitions of large-format prints of my pictures. The extra resolution of a 60-megapixel camera gives me reassuring reserves for my exhibition pieces, which are up to two meters square – especially when working with tight crops and detail views,” he explains.

Publication Information
Title: Earth on Fire
Language: English
Author: Bernhard Edmaier
ISBN: 9 780 71485700 8
Extent: 224 pages
Price: Euro 59,95
Binding: Hardback with jacket
Size: 350 x 297 mm
Illustrations: 200 color illustrations