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Hasselblad Masters for 2008!

17/11/2006 It takes time to choose new Hasselblad Masters. To ensure that we have a worthy new collection of photographers for 2008, we must start the selection process. And that is why we are inviting submissions now. Sounds interesting?

PHOTO: Peter Mathis / Hasselblad Master 2007 

The basic concepts underlying the project are that there should be a mix of established and up-and-coming photographers, hopefully with a wide geographic span. The aim is to reflect Hasselblad photographers from a variety of fields from around the world, quite simply. The only condition for consideration is that all the images used in the project must have been taken with an H or a V system camera either using film or in combination with a Hasselblad/Imacon digital back. Images produced from other camera makes or other digital back makes cannot be accepted.

This could be your chance to become a Hasselblad Master with all the publicity and coverage it can entail. Have a look at the Hasselblad Masters on our website and see if you could contribute too.

Of course, as only twelve Masters are chosen for the duration of the year, there will be photographers we must turn down for one reason or another. But that doesn't necessarily mean we don't like their work! Submissions will also be considered for use in 'Victor by Hasselblad' - the new magazine - as well as for our website or perhaps for some promotional activity around the world. Sounds even more interesting?

To lighten our workload, though, we must insist on small digital files or references to websites initially. We cannot cope with returning film or paper originals, so we hope you understand and trust us to judge the images' potential.
Please contact us at the following address: masters@hasselblad.se, this could be a good chance to let people see what you can really do.