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Have you watched the brand-new Hasselblad Masters Movies?

17/01/2011 Do yourself a favor and set aside some time today to view the 10 videos created by the 2010 Hasselblad Masters to showcase their winning images These behind-the-scenes movies are artistic gems—distinctive, sensitive, stunning interpetations of the Emotion theme.

German architectural photographer Stephan Zirwes, famous for his aerial shots, captured airport operations as part of his series of places not usually seen by the public. Through his aerial work, Zirwes found delicate and poetic forms in his study of airports. 

Fashion & Beauty
London-based fashion/beauty/commercial photographer Dirk Rees's photography was shaped during his 10 years in the production  industry, working with film advertisers and documentary projects. In his video, Dirk explored the endless ways in which the human form expresses itself while in motion.

Hasselblad's YouTube Channel

A self-taught portrait photographer whose commercial work covers an extensive list of corporations, small firms and individuals, Claudio Napolitano chose children to illustrate this moving piece "Keep dreaming" for his Hasselblad project on Emotion.

For her Hasselblad movie, U.S. documentary photographer Nina Berman captured the local Steppers group. In stark contrast to her more dismal work on the American political and social scene, this photo essay captures the energy and joy the group exhibits and creates for those around them.

Canadian Mark Zibert is a prize-winning commercial and documentary photographer who won his first major opportunity—a national campaign for Nike—at age 23. FOR his Hasselbad movie on Emotion he chose to have his subjects cover there faces with masks to express the Emotion theme.

Chinese landscape photographer Bang Peng focuses on landscapes with a strong compositional element. He feels that the act of seeing and capturing images changes the photographer, claiming that photography, in fact, has changed his basic understanding of life.

Young U.S. filmmaker and rising star photographer Lyle Owerko chose as subjects for his Emotion movie people who stood out from the crowd, people as curious about having their pictures taken as he is about asking for their portraits. HIs clients include major banks, corporations, human rights groups and entertainment and celebrity groups and individuals.

Distinct in both style and technique, San Francisco-based photographer Mark Holthusen is best known for creating images that expand the limits of classic photography. Working with subjects who are models, musicians, and actors, he uses hand-built robots to serve as the image focus.

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Text by Alice B. Miller