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High-Performance Shooter Documents Car CGI Shoot with H3DII

23/11/2009 Simon Puschmann, Hamburg, Germany-based commercial photographer is currently in Mauritius documenting a car CGI shoot that’s half under water, half above water. “I’m using a custom-made underwater housing for my H3DII Hasselblad, which I had made two years ago for my client BMW Oracle sailing,” says Puschmann.

In recent months, he’s been busy shooting a Lexus campaign in Spain, a “top secret” car action campaign in CGi in South Africa and Namibia, and a BMW ad in South Africa.

Last year at this time, Puschmann was commissioned by BMW to document the world premiere of the BMW Z4, based on performance artist Robin Rhode’s idea of transforming the roadster into a 300hp paintbrush. After outfitting the Z4 with computer-controlled spray nozzles at each wheel, Rhode directed the moves of the stunt driver, who left bold-colored tracks across the 2,000 square-meter canvas.


“My job was to document the shooting of the video commercial and generate images for the U.S. ad campaign,” says Puschmann. “I was not allowed to interfere or be in the frame. I had to be ‘invisible.’ So I installed five H3DII cameras at strategically interesting positions. I had no idea how the event and the painting would evolve, so I was taking a wild - and ultimately successful - guess.”

Of all the Z4 ad images he shot that day, he especially likes the one of the artist facing the white, empty canvas moments before the event. “It’s the kind of photography I like,” says Puschmann. “I shot with a 50mm lens on f/2.8 at 1/8 second using a monopod for extra stability. The image became the opening page image for the article Heuer wrote for March 2009 BMW Magazine.”

Why does he rely on Hasselblad for all of his challenging shoots? “The H3DII does what I tell it to every time. It doesn’t crash or lose files, the lenses catch everything, the Phocus software is intuitive, and the system goes wherever my imagination and eye take it. What more could I ask for?”

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For more on Puschmann, visit http://www.simonpuschmann.com/.

Text by Alice B. Miller