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New Hasselblad Department Focuses on Special Applications

25/04/2011 Hasselblad has launched a department dedicated to creating products that accommodate the needs of photographers working in specialized fields.

Benny Buchtrup, Global Special Applications Manager, explains, “We at Hasselblad take pride in manufacturing solutions for our customers' needs and with the Special Applications Department, we are counting on ideas from Hasselblad users to move beyond our current product line-up into specialized photographic fields. We’re starting with the H4D Aerial system, and will continue to look at opportunities in specialized photographic fields. We are excited by the prospect of further evolving this new department.”


Buchtrup and Hasselblad USA sales team members recently attended the 2011 Professional Aerial Photographers Association (PAPA) conference in Las Vegas, NV, to discover the precise equipment and software needs of the association’s members. For a real sense of the demands of aerial photography, Buchtrup took a Hasselblad camera to the air for a nighttime aerial test shoot. The H4D quickly earned the respect of PAPA members with its technical file quality, ease of handling and versatility.

Whether capturing images for commercial purposes, construction site surveys, documentary evidence of environmental changes, or multi-camera photogrammetric mapping, photographers rely on Hasselblad’s H4D Aerial system to get the job done well. Advantages such as the H4D's locking mechanisms, which secure the mounting of all components to counteract aircraft vibrations, and production methods that ensure extreme sensor and image plane positioning accuracy, the Aerial system ensures invaluable support to a range of aerial disciplines.

For 70 years, Hasselblad has developed products that handle the unique challenges presented by aerial photography, within the earth’s atmosphere and beyond. Since 1941, when Hasselblad debuted its first camera—an aerial unit designed for the Swedish Air Force during World War II— and during its extraordinary collaborations with NASA, Hasselblad continued to advance its Aerial system.

For more information about the new Special Applications Department or the Hasselblad H4D Aerial system, visit: www.hasselbladaerial.com