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Paul Waterworth named as new Global Photographer Relations Manager

02/05/2011 In a move that emphasises Hasselblad’s ongoing commitment to its legion of worldwide users, Paul Waterworth has been named as the company’s new Global Photographer Relations Manager.

Already a familiar face to many of Hasselblad’s UK users after having held the role of Northern Area Sales Manager for the past three years, Paul Waterworth (40) is eagerly anticipating getting to grips with his new position, which will see him oversee the development and enhancement of Hasselblad’s support to the international photographic community.

One of the key points he will be looking to address is support for the large number of professional photographers using older Hasselblad models such as the H1/H2 or V-series cameras with proprietary backs. “I’ll also be talking to users of 35mm-style DSLRs to encourage them to see what the world of medium format can offer their businesses,” he says.

Paul Waterworth

Although he’ll still be based in the UK, Paul is now under the umbrella of Hasselblad in Denmark and he’ll be travelling widely and communicating with photographers on an international basis. “One of the things I’ll be doing is talking to Hasselblad users as a group about the services that are now provided that increase the interactive opportunities for photographers,” says Paul. “These include such tools as the new Hasselblad UK Studio, the Masters competition, exhibitions, the VICTOR Online magazine, the Hasselblad Bulletin and other corporate programmes. Another part of my remit will be to strengthen and extend the relationship between Hasselblad and its select band of business partners, which includes the likes of HP, SanDisk, Broncolor and Hahnemühle.”

Chris Russell-Fish, Global Sales & Marketing Director of Hasselblad, is delighted that Waterworth has joined the company’s corporate global team. “Although I know he will be greatly missed in the UK, this new role allows us to re-engage with all photographers throughout the world and to build on the success of his predecessor,” he says. “Paul will bring new ideas, solutions, enthusiasm and a vibrancy to this challenging and exciting task, fully conversant with the needs of those photographers and the challenges they face in today’s global social networking marketplace.”

An experienced photographer and seasoned medium format user himself, Paul will be engaging with the entire Hasselblad community right the way through from high-end professional user to photo enthusiast, ensuring that existing relationships are maintained and enhanced. “Everyone is important to me,” he says, “and I want to make sure that we reach out to all of those who are working with a Hasselblad camera or who might benefit from using one but have not had the opportunity yet to see what these cameras can do for them.

I am hugely excited and motivated by the challenges of this new job. Thanks to the ever-increasing ease of communication through the rise of the Internet and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook the world is now a much smaller place. It’s really important to recognise this fact and to engage and support Hasselblad users wherever they might happen to be in the world.”