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Phocus 2.5 Draws Positive Reactions from Photographers Worldwide

21/06/2010 The results are in! Photographers around the world are praising Hasselblad's new Phocus 2.5 software for its power, performance, advanced tools, ease of use, and attractive working environment.

Without a doubt, the coolest new feature in Phocus 2.5 is the Mac version’s ability to browse, handle, adjust, and process third-party RAW images and to support most standard non-RAW formats, such as TIF, JPEG, DNG, and the like.

Both the Mac and the newly released Windows version host new breakthrough features, including a full high-quality printing function, a slideshow feature, a new sample picker allowing multiple color or grey scale readout options, the sharing or import of keywords, and enhanced preview quality.

Says Phocus product manager Lars Elmo, "Achieving a good digital workflow is crucial today. With this in mind, we listened carefully to our users when we designed Phocus and will do our outmost to ensure the software is always as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Every aspect of the Phocus interface has been developed to reflect the way that photographers prefer to work and to help ensure that they can spend as much time as possible taking images - not processing them."


To accommodate the needs of experienced photographers, young pros, and advanced amateurs, Phocus 2.5 features two starting modes - Light and Standard. If you are new to Phocus or want a simple workflow, choose Light Mode. Only basic functions are active so your initial image handling is easy and straightforward. The full tool set and all processing abilities are accessible behind the scenes. More experienced photographers will probably choose the Standard Mode, with all functions and features present and active.

Lars Elmo continues, “The Phocus user interface can be customized to different shooting scenarios, so all of your layout modes can be saved according to your preferences - and are just a shortcut away. You can even bring your preferred layouts with you on the road or share them with friends or colleagues.”

Among the scores of enthusiastic responses Hasselblad has received from photographers:
- "I have been using Phocus version 2 since I bought a H3DII-39 last October. I consider myself a photographer first and foremost. I'm not a computer geek and have always struggled to find the patience to get the best out of software. Phocus changed that completely. I find it so simple to use and it produces excellent results." —SL

- "Phocus 2.5 can easily give Lightroom and Aperture a run for their money. It supports all kinds of RAW files, including Leica DNGs, and is a hundred times easier to use than the older version." —AB

- "I installed Phocus 2.5 yesterday. No problems so far with Lumix G1 RAW and Hasselblad 3FR files. Thank you, Hasselblad." —JL

- "Tried it and love it! I'm using it to process all my other RAW files, as well. It is becoming my preferred post-production software. And it's free!" —PS

To try Phocus 2.5 yourself or to learn more about the software, click here.

Text by Alice B. Miller