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Phocus Mobile now available for Windows based Phocus users.

19/09/2011 With the release of the latest Phocus 2.6.3 upgrade, photographers who are Windows based can now enjoy the full benefits of the revolutionary Phocus Mobile software that up until now has only been available for Mac users.

It means that all professional photographers regardless of which platform they are working on now have the capability to turn their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless remote control that can operate and trigger a tethered camera.

Particularly valuable for photographers who might be working with the camera mounted in a position that is difficult to access or in a busy studio situation, Phocus Mobile allows you to work at a distance and to share live images with others. Using Phocus Mobile on an Apple iOS device makes it possible to remotely operate and trigger a tethered camera, control exposure mode, f/stop, shutter speed and ISO metering mode and also to access other important capture information, all the time being able to view your shots just as though you were using a virtual camera display.  

Phocus Mobile can also be set-up for basic things, such as allowing users to remotely browse, zoom, and rate images from wherever in the room, studio, or location they and their handheld device might happen to be. This makes Phocus Mobile the perfect tool for working with clients in the studio, adding a second, portable viewing screen instead of requiring everyone to gather around a single computer.




Phocus 2.6.3 for Windows is free and can be downloaded from here. Phocus Mobile is also available for free download via the Apple App Store. To allow Phocus on the Windows platform to communicate with your Apple iDevice you need to have Apple Bonjour installed on your computer, but you will automatically already have this if you are running iTunes. For those working with Windows Apple Bonjour requires at least Windows XP (SP 3), Vista (SP 2) or Windows 7 and is supported on both the 32 or 64 bit versions.