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Tim Flach Uses Hasselblad System for New Book

27/12/2010 The latest book from Hasselblad photographer Tim Flach, titled Dogs Gods, has met with wide acclaim since its worldwide publication in October 2010. A passionate, long-time Hasselblad shooter and Ambassador, Flash shot virtually all of the book's exquisite images with his Hasselblad system. He clearly has an affinity for capturing the spirit and likeness of his animal subjects.

Similar to his first well-received book, Equus, published in 2008, Dogs Gods showcases images that range from conceptual and abstract to more literal interpretations. This photographic tribute of man's oldest, most faithful friend reveals that our bond with canines is more intense than previously thought.

© Tim Flach

As Flach's website expresses so well, the book is about "the species that came in from the cold more than 15,000 years ago to keep us company and share our food. These incredibly adaptable animals extend our senses, make us more successful and happier, do our work in the country and city, are tough enough to haul us across icy wasteland for days and delicate enough to snooze gently in the warming of an elegant lap. They can entertain us, protect us, teach us how to love, do what they are told, and tell us what's going to happen next. They can even extend our lives. We think we train them to do the work, but they have, in turn, found a way for us to provide for them. This great bond is the inspiration for the book. The result is an extraordinary visualization of what dogs are and can be."

Flach's website also reveals a greater import of the work: "New ways of living and new finds in research reveal that our relationship with these much-loved creatures is even more intense and vital than previously thought. In insightful stories and eye-opening images, Five Gods shows us that our great companions may not only be remarkable as dogs--they may also hold the key to new understandings of what it is to be human."

Featuring a bevy of breeds, from show dogs to rescue dogs, Afghan hounds to Chinese cresteds, Dogs Gods is a compelling, playful, informative, strikingly beautiful read. Each image is accompanied by a short description of the breed, including its character and grooming traits.

This book is currently available in the U.S. and Canada via amazon.com, U.K., Ireland and South Africa via amazon.co.uk, Germany by amazon.de, France from amazon.fr, Australia and New Zealand from Hachette, hha.com.au.

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For more of his images visit www.timflach.com

Text by Alice B. Miller