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Travelling around Italy with Hasselblad photographer Aneesh Bhasin and an H4D-40

04/10/2011 Aneesh Bhasin is an Indian photographer who shoots all over the world, right from glaciers in Argentina to remote villages in China. One of his toughest and most memorable projects so far has been for a restoration project at the Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra, India. He shot some of the oldest frescos on the planet under very hard conditions for a month. But a recent trip led Aneesh to Italy to try Hasselblad’s H4D-40 camera.


This summer Aneesh Bhasin together with several international artists, including painters, sculptors, designers and journalists, was invited by Italian government and ENIT, the Italian Tourism Agency, to create works' art inspired by Italy. “Italia comes to you” is the name of the project started this year, which aims to promote the excellence of tourism, art and “Made in Italy” in the BRIC area (Brazil, Russia, India, China).


"We travelled from north to south of Italy along the Adriatic coast. This was my second trip to Italy and I'm so glad this opportunity came my way. I don’t think I would have travelled to a lot of these small towns on my own or on a travel assignment.”Of course, he visited world famous cities like Venice on his trip, but rather the small and almost hidden destinations like Bari and Alberobell fascinated Aneesh the most. As “simply fantastic” he describes Ferrara, being a complete surprise for him because the town appears to be two different places during day timeand during the night.

For his trip to Italy Aneesh used the Hasselblad H4D-40 and the 28mm, 80mm and 210mm lenses. “I have worked with the 80mm extensively, which is very well known to be a superb lens. For me, the 28mm was the surprise. I shoot a lot of wide-angle images and was amazed with the absence of distortions level of this lens. Absolutely stunning.”

Aneesh explains the reasons behind him using a Hasselblad camera for his travel work for the first time: "I thought using a medium format camera for my travel work would be challenging for me. After using it for a day I realised how much fun it is to shoot landscapes and cityscapes with the Hasselblad H4D-40. With such a large viewfinder, one can scrutinize the frame in a lot more detail before finally pressing the shutter release. That combined with the simplicity of the H System in terms of menus has completely convinced me. I felt very comfortable with the system.”

For more information about Aneesh, please visit: www.aneeshbhasin.com

For more information about “Italia comes to you”, please visit: www.italiacomestoyou.com