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Winner of PhotoProject 2011 is Andreas Nestl

18/10/2010 This past July, Hasselblad Germany launched a photo competition for professionals, semi-professionals, hobbyists, and amateurs, called Photo Project 2011. The winner would be given a Hasselblad camera system for three months to create his or her project, and would also have access to professional marketing, PR, and distribution advice. Candidates presented their work at the Briese studios in Hamburg or applied online.

On September 30, a jury announced that they chose a photographer named  Andreas Nestl as winner of the Photo Project 2011. Judged to be the contestant with the most impressive online portfolio, Nestl will produce a project named "Childhood Dreams."

Andreas Nestl

"The jury's decision was not easy," said Frank Riecke, marketing manager, Hasselblad Germany. In "Children's Dreams," which is being supported by Hasselblad, the viewer will be transported into a fantasy world. "I want to try to depict children with their waking dreams and still keep its soul and sensibility," says Nestl.  To participate in the audition for "Children's Dreams," parents, please send an application with a photo of your child and a brief description to Andrea Nestl at info@andreasnestl.com.

Nestl, who describes himself as a writer and photographer, apprenticed with the renowned Milan fashion photographer Barbieri Nestl for his first big project. "The Shadow player has portrayed numerous individuals and personalities and installed on heroic large prints on the walls of buildings. For his book Mother Earth,  Nestl staged pregnant women and newborns, inspired by the Flemish painting and its fairytale scenes. He also portrayed the famous Senators and President of the Italian Senate, including former Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti and the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine winner Rita Levi-Montalcini.

Nestl's completed "Children's Dreams" project will appear on Victor online and be seen at seen.by online gallery, where the pictures will be for sale. Photo Project 2011 is the first in a series of initiatives.

Text by Alice B. Miller