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Image is everything

18/06/2012 We hold this truth to be self-evident. It’s like a mantra to us. Think Hasselblad. Think excellence.


We believe that supreme craftsmanship and superior quality products are vital strategic requirements permanently resident within the ambitions and aspirations of professional photographers worldwide. And because we have ultimate confidence in our cameras we are now giving photographers the chance to compare image quality for themselves right across our formidable H4D Camera range.

A few weeks ago we created a new opportunity for every visitor to our website to browse our ‘Love the Image’ section, compare image quality and download sample files across six different photo-disciplines.

If you haven’t seen this option yet do please click your way to www.hasselblad.com/sample-file-images.aspx and check it out.

You can compare images shot with the H4D-31 up to the ‘ultimate capture device’ - the H4D-200MS with its incredible 200 million-pixel resolution.

Compare image quality across the following genres:

portrait (Where all Hasselblad cameras excel in skin tone rendition and accurate garment colour reproduction) fashion (You’ll instantly note supreme skin tones and fine details on textures) product (The Multi-Shot provides the absolute ultimate in accuracy) architecture (Look for fine details and natural colours in both low and mixed lighting conditions) landscape (Observe outstanding optical performance and sensor resolution that pick up finest details both near and far within the image) night scene (Here you can sample different treatments across the range of long exposure and low-light situations).

If you are new to the Hasselblad capture solution you need to know we pledge that every H System camera, lens and component is designed and produced to some of the world’s most exacting standards and precise specifications.

Each camera body is constructed using solid stainless steel housings and a high-strength aluminium for the inner core.

This guarantees reliable and durable performance both in the studio and on location. You will be buying into a unique, lightweight and compact design that is ideal for hand-held shooting but without compromising the robust quality required for professional tripod-based photography.

The H4D-31 is the entry point to the Hasselblad H System. Simple to use, it brings all the advantages of medium format photography to the large sensor format and allows users to progress their photography to the next level.

The H4D-40 is as easy to use as any 35mm camera but with a 40MP sensor, low noise colour filters, the Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution and an electronic spirit level.

We believe bigger is better. The H4D-50 enables you to achieve advanced quality without sacrificing flexibility and ease of use. You choose between eye-level and waist-level viewfinders and this model comes with camera information on the rear LCD.

The H4D-50MS model adds Hasselblad’s unique multi-shot technology to the H4D-50 unit – a great option for still life studio shooting. You’ll get sharpness, resolution and colour fidelity that is simply hard to believe.

Our H4D-60 provides the ultra-high resolution demanded by today’s most discerning photographers – this camera sets new industry standards for performance.

The H4D-200MS is for when you need to get very close and go very large. If you demand the absolute highest detail possible this camera brings it to your still life and studio photography. This is true cutting edge technology at your fingertips.

But don’t just take it from us – now you can do your own comparisons between our H System models.