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The Story of Hasselblad

11/10/2013 A new video that has just been released celebrates Hasselblad’s long and illustrious history and joins the growing collection of amazing films that are freely available through Hasselblad tv.

Most of us are aware of the reputation of Hasselblad cameras for being ground breaking, innovative and ultra reliable tools for professional photographers, but how many people are aware of the full history of the company and the great achievements that it has recorded over the years? If you’ve ever wondered exactly how the Hasselblad name acquired its legendary status then take a look at the latest information-packed production that’s just been uploaded to Hasselblad tv, and all will become clear.

The release of this new production is great timing because the company’s activity over the past year or so demonstrates clearly that the Hasselblad story is still developing and that history is continuing to be made. The occasion of photokina in September 2012 saw some huge announcements made, in particular the launch of the new H5D, but it also signalled the start of a new direction for the company in the form of the introduction of the Lunar camera, a stylish and compact camera more geared towards the fashionistas than the professional photographers. Meanwhile the re-launched VICTOR magazine, available again as a hard copy, was presented more as a sumptuous coffee-table book, acting as the perfect showcase for the work of top photographers who work with the Hasselblad, while there was also news of a new Japanese subsidiary being set up, now complete with its own store.

Social media and online content reflects the modern way of spreading the word, and Hasselblad has taken this message very much on board, on several fronts. If you’ve not yet encountered HTV, Hasselblad’s own TV channel for everything connected with the company, then you should certainly go and take a look: alongside the new film on the history of Hasselblad there are also some incredible productions there that are well worth watching, not only for their entertainment value but also for the tantalising behind-the-scenes glimpse they provide as top photographers share their secrets.

Of course it’s not just online TV that is spreading the message: Hasselblad information can also be found on all the other major social media outlets, with Pinterest and Instagram being most recently added to the list. Check out the following links and make sure that you are always in touch with Hasselblad’s constantly evolving story!


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