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There are no short-cuts to quality. And there is no quick way to achieve perfection. We at Hasselblad realized these simple truths over 50 years ago. Realized that the final quality of a photographic image is a direct result of the quality of every component that goes into the product that produces it. Quality throughout was the cornerstone.

And for over half a century now, we have worked hard to produce products that reflect this. Each and every Hasselblad item reflects our dedication to these principles. So whether it’s the timeless, all-mechanical V System, the professional level digital products, or the H System with its advanced electronics, there’s always a Hasselblad product to suit your particular needs.

Today’s products designed for tomorrow

Whether it is cutting edge digital or more traditional analogue solutions, Hasselblad can supply the requirements, at a professional level to meet professional demands. Our products are constantly evolving, constantly being further developed and refined. But some things in the Hasselblad world never change. Which explains why our products have such an unrivalled reputation for supreme image quality, versatility, unfailing reliability, and obsolescence-proof engineering. Simply put, we make the best photographic products we can so that you can take the best pictures you can.
When we design a camera system, for example, we always think long-term. That’s why Hasselblad cameras and accessories are based on a unique modular design, resulting in an unmatched level of compatibility within each system.

For example, H cameras can take advantage of the latest firmware upgrades so they are always up to date. Lenses from twenty years ago can be used directly on today’s V cameras and even on H cameras with an adapter. No need to start from scratch. Some of the digital backs are adaptable for use with other camera makes too. Versatility has always been one of the pillars in the Hasselblad philosophy. We know there are all sorts of different photographers. Hasselblad equipment allows the photographer to confidently choose a specific configuration that best matches their specific requirements.

Quality in every detail

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We are aware that each component plays its part in contributing to the final image quality and even workday experience. And by component we mean not only nuts and bolts but also softer aspects, for example, digital workflow solutions integral to FlexColor. Poor quality in will invariably lead to poor quality out.
Today’s Hasselblad products and solutions represent the sum total of over half a century’s experience and devotion to the art of photography and a perfect blend of technology and tradition. They are products that we are proud to make and proud to sell.
Cameras we know you will be proud to own for many years to come.