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H System.

Superior craftsmanship and quality produces superior images. And delivering superior craftsmanship and image quality is what has made Hasselblad cameras famous for over half a century. Now, meet the system that secures that reputation for generations to come: the Hasselblad H System.

Every H System camera, lens, or component is designed, developed and produced to the most exacting standards and precise specifications. Every camera body is constructed using solid stainless steel housings and a high-strength aluminum for the inner core, guaranteeing both reliable and durable performance, whether in the studio or in the field. The result is a lightweight, compact design that is ideal for hand-held photography, without sacrificing the sturdiness and quality needed for professional, tripod-bound shooting.

H System cameras provide peak performance for both film and digital capture. With film, H cameras produce distinctly better results than 35 mm or competing medium format systems. And the sensors used in H System backs are approximately twice the size possible with 35 mm digital SLRs, featuring more pixels than 35 mm digital systems and providing better resolution and clarity. The pixels in H System backs are also larger, which means less noise in your images and better dynamic range with clearly improved detail. Hasselblad digital backs on H cameras also allow the exploitation of powerful features such as IAA, DAC, HB RGB and 3F RAW that lift the combination above and beyond the norm and well into the leading position of medium format digital photography.

The H System's central lens shutter allows flash sync at all shutter speeds, enabling use of flash in all lighting conditions. H cameras’ contemporary design and intuitive operation provide simple and convenient handling and the programmable interface allows you to customize the camera according to your particular desires or working styles.

The H System - removing the barriers between photographers and photographs.

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