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HTS 1.5

HTS 1.5

The revolutionary HTS 1.5 is a tilt and shift adapter provides a powerful new focusing and creative tool that can help you take your photographic expression to entirely new levels.

This combination of well-known ocular principles and the latest in digital image control provides a powerful package that can take your photographic expression to entirely new levels. This simple device doesn’t just solve technical challenges, it also opens many exciting creative opportunities.

Hasselblad has always striven to support the best and most creative photographers. And while digital photography has in some ways turned part of the photographic market into mere point-and-shoot, high-volume type of shooting, Hasselblad is always pushing the technical envelope to bring more creative possibilities and photographic flexibility to our photographers.

 It has always been standard practice in creative photography to “break the rules” in order to produce images that are unique or have that certain something special. With the new HTS 1.5, Hasselblad users can use tilt and shift functionality both to correct images and to bring a new creative perspective to their work. The powerful combination of tilt, shift and Hasselblad’s DAC lens corrections will lift both your creative vision and the technical and creative aspects of your work.

Designed for the HCD28mm, HC35mm, HC50mm, HC80mm and the HC100mm lenses the HTS 1.5 adds, in effect, five different “tilt and shift lenses” to the Hasselblad HC/HCD lens range.
 The combination of well-established optical principles, combined with the latest in digital image control, results in a powerful boost to your creativity and control, and can provide a pivotal step-up for many Hasselblad photographers.

Contact your nearest Hasselblad dealer to get a look at this revolutionary accessory and see for yourself how it could rapidly become a cornerstone of your creative arsenal.

To find out more about the HTS 1.5 and how it works, click on the link below or contact your Hasselblad dealer.


Compatible with all H system cameras

Compatible lenses: HCD 28, HC 35, HC 50, HC80 and HC 100

Focus range: close range to infinity

Focal length conversion factor: 1.5x


Aperture reduction: -1.3 Stops

Width/Height/Depth: 140/146/77 mm

Weight: 750g

Shift range: +/- 18mm


Tilt range: +/- 10 degrees

Rotation: +/- 90 degrees

Optical design: 6 elements in 5 groups

Product no. 3043400