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Lens shades

Lens shades

Hasselblad lens shades are designed to efficiently shield the lens from stray light, in order to ensure the best possible image contrast. They also provide protection to the front lens element. The system includes rigid lens shades for individual lenses as well as an adjustable professional lens shade, which suits a wide range of focal lengths.

Photo: Björn Röhsman


Lens shade Ø60/38 – 60
For wide-angle lenses from 38 to 60 mm focal length with Ø60 mm front bayonet. Supplied with 905SWC. Bayonet mount.
Code 3040668

Lens shade Ø60/80       
For the Planar CF/CFE 80 mm. Bayonet mount.
Code 3040670

Lens shade Ø60/100-250  
For CF/CFi lenses with focal lengths from 100 to 250 mm. Bayonet mount.
Code 3040673

Lens shade Ø70/CFi 50    
For the Distagon CFi 50 mm. Bayonet mount.
Code 3040771

Lens shade Ø93/40       
For the Distagon CFE 40 mm. Supplied with the lens. Also used as a holder for Ø 93 filters. M86x1 mm thread mount.
Code 3040693

 Lens shade Ø93/350 - 500  
For the Tele - Superachromat CFE 350 mm. Supplied with the lens. Also used as a holder for Ø93 filters. M86x1 mm thread mount.
Code 3040703


Proshade 6095V/H      
An adjustable bellows lens shade with an extension scale for various focal lengths. Provides highly efficient protection against stray light. Its compact, flat folding design saves space in the equipment case. By using the Proshade adapters, this shade can be fitted to all Hasselblad lenses except the Distagon CFi 30 mm and Tele-Superachromat FE 300 mm. The shade features a filter holder for glass, gelatin , or plastic filters. The bellows folds down for easy access to the filter holder or for viewing without filter. Supplied with Proshade mask 6093/250 3040312.
Code 3040740

NOTE: Hasselblad Ø93 Polarization filter can be used with Proshade 6095V/H.

 Proshade mask  6093/250
For optimum shading of Proshade 6095V/H.
Code 3040312

Proshade adapter  6093/ Ø60
For fitting Proshade 6095V/H to lenses with Ø60 front mount. The adapter ring permits two glass filters attached to the internal front bayonet mount. Also used for C lenses (Ø50) with step-up ring Ø50 - Ø60 (3040711).
Code 3040741

Proshade adapter  6093/ Ø70
For fitting Proshade 6095V/H to lenses with Ø70 front mount.
Code 3040744

Proshade adapter  6093/ Ø93
For fitting Proshade 6095V/H to lenses with Ø93 front mount.
Code 3040746