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CFE 4/180

CFE 4/180

This Sonnar CFE 4/180 mm lens is a universal telephoto lens with outstanding and proven performance. This lens is ideal for use in application areas such as Beauty, Fashion, Product, Portrait, Wedding, and Industrial.

Photo: Björn Röhsman
The CFE 180’s optical system offers unusually high imaging quality even in the close-up range. For this reason this lens is particularly valued by the most demanding beauty and fashion photographers.  The CFE 180 is equally suitable for other uses, such as sophisticated product photography in the studio.  The lens comes equipped with data bus connections, enabling optimal use with our discontinued 200 series camera models.


Focal length 179.4mm

Aperture range 4 - 32

Angle of view, diagonal/horizontal 24°/17°


Number of elements 5 T*

Focusing range 1.55m (5 ft) -(infinity)

Weight 1075g (2 lbs 5 3/4 oz)


Length 128mm (5 1/16 in)

Filter Bayonet Ø 60

Code 3020074