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Winder CW

Winder CW

Several of the current and earlier Hasselblad camera models can be easily motorized by replacing the winding crank with a winder. The winder automatically rewinds the camera body and the lens shutter and advances the film after each exposure, increasing the photographer’s efficiency and readiness.

Photo: Björn Röhsman

The powerful motors of these winders ensure rapid, distinct starts, and smooth film and shutter winding. Used with the camera on a tripod the winder allows repeated exposures without disturbing the camera position.


WINDER CW (3044105)

The Winder CW is designed for the Hasselblad 503CW and 503CXi cameras. It replaces the winding crank and provides a comfortable grip, which facilitates handheld photography. A Self Adjusting Interface (SAI) adjusts the winder to each individual camera for perfect compatibility and a minimum of wear on the camera and the motor.
The Winder CW comes equipped with IR Remote Control (3044113) and a leather support strap for secure hand-held photography. 



When used with the 503CW fitted with the Winder CW the IR Remote control provides remote wireless camera operation as well as changing of winder modes from a distance (normal indoor conditions, approx. 10 m (33 ft)).
Supplied with Winder CW.


Operational modes - Single, continous, multi exposure, remote control (infra red)

Frame rate - Maximum 0.8 frames per second at continuous exposure

Release control - Button, IR remote control or electrical cable (Release Cord 3044123)


Batteries - 6 pcs 1.5V AA (or LR6, UM3 or equal) alkaline type. Rechargeable NiCd or NiMH types can also be used.

Capacity - Up to 3000 exposures with alkaline AA type batteries

Weight - 360 g (12.7 oz.) without batteries


Battery - CR2 (included)

Operational time - Working-life expectancy of 3 years