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Extended Warranty

The extended warranty program provides a possibility to have the factory warranty extended beyond the 12 month default period. 

The following conditions apply:

Digital camera products

The agreement must be entered 30 days before the factory warranty expires. A raw shot from the digital back must be delivered, to serve as documentation for the quality status. For products outside the basic warranty, a 60 days quarantine period comes into force before the extended warranty can come into force.


The agreement must be entered 30 days before the basic warranty expires.

Analogue camera products

The agreement must be entered 30 days before the basic warranty expires.All repairs under the extended warranty must be performed in the factory. Hasselblad will not be liable costs for local repairs on equipment under extended warranty.


Warranty is extended for one year at a time.

For digital backs and DSLRs up to 2 additional years can be purchased during valid warranty period for a total of 3 years.

For scanners it can be extended for up to 2 additional years. 

For H-system camera bodies, film backs and lenses up to a total maximum of 5-years of age or 100,000 exposures, whichever comes first. 

For V-system and products without moving parts no warranty available. 

For X-system no extended warranty is offered.

Repair costs

Technical problems normally covered by the factory warranty are corrected free of charge, as long as the extended warranty agreement is in force.

The factory warranty has the following limitations:

- Physical damage to the CCD sensor (scratches, chipping, unauthorized polishing) is not covered by factory warranty.

- Cleaning of dust from the CCD sensor is not covered by factory warranty.

- Preventive maintenance for scanners must be performed locally, according to the factory preventive maintenance programme.

How to sign up for Extended Warranty

Please contact Hasselblad Business Partners for information about product scope, conditions, and prices.