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Flash sync. repair, IB

The Image Bank (IB) is received in the workshop, where it is connected to either the customer’s digital back or to Hasselblad's reference digital back.

The flash sync. connection is tested and if a malfunction is detected, the IB is dismantled and an integrated curcuit is replaced. 

After this replacement the IB is connected to a computer, and a special test program is launched which monitors the SD ram, the time and date, the fan and temperature, the firewire and battery connections. 

The calibration files are transferred to the IB and both tethered and untethered testing is performed. Finally the flash sync is inspected. 

If the IB fails any of the inspections the action is repeated. After passing all tests, the IB is ready to leave the workshop again. 

If a backup of the images on the bank is requested, this is possible if a portable firewire harddisk is shipped along with the IB.