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We’ve Just Made You a Brand New Camera.
(And It’s Only a Click Away.)

Whether you’re already the proud owner of a Hasselblad H4D-40, H4D-50, H4D-50MS or H4D-200MS camera – or still considering making the move to Hasselblad photography – we’ve got some great news for you.

The Hasselblad H4D-60 set new industry standards for performance, resolution, and quality in medium format DSLR cameras and included a comprehensive firmware upgrade that brought a range of new features and functions such as:

  • One-Click, instant digital focus check
  • Two directional, electronic spirit level
  • An improved, high resolution display
  • New rear display with grip info displayed on the back

Naturally, we can’t promise (nor would we want to) that each new generation of Hasselblad cameras won’t be a huge advancement on the last, nor that previous generations of cameras won’t become rather outdated. What we can promise is this: that we will always strive to bring as many as possible of the advancements found in our flagship cameras to as many of the other cameras in our range as possible.

So Where’s My New Camera?
Naturally, these new features will now be included in all new H4D cameras. And if you are already the proud owner of an H4D camera? That’s where the great news comes in - a simple, free firmware upgrade will add each and every one of these features to your existing H4D-40, H4D-50, H4D-50MS or H4D-200MS camera*. Think of it as buying one camera and getting another, newer one, absolutely free. The firmware upgrade is available now.

Taking Photography Further, One Step at a Time.
Every H System camera gives you full access to the rest of the advanced features that set the H System apart from other high-end systems, like our powerful Phocus software, out-of-the-box Hasselblad Natural Colors, the outstanding H System lenses, and all other benefits of the H4D system.

At Hasselblad we are always pushing the technology envelope and developing new and exciting features to help photographers take their photography further. These features run the range from very advanced technical solutions designed to improve resolution, clarity, and other image critical factors to clever functional features designed to make high end shooting as easy and photographer friendly as possible. All, as we say, to remove the obstacles between great photographers and great photographs.

To find out more about these great new features or simply to see what the H4D line of cameras can do to change your photography, check out the links to the right.


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*Firmware upgrades listed above will not be able to be ported to the H4D-31 or CFV 39/50. H4D-50 customers, who have upgraded from the H3DII-50, can have their camera further upgraded with a new digital back unit including new electronics and display for $2,599. This offer is valid until March 31, 2012.

Available Now!

This great firmware upgrade is available for download now, but if you don’t happen to be the proud owner of an H4D-40 or H4D-50 (or any other applicable Hasselblad product) yet and would like to see all these exciting new features in action, we’d be thrilled to show them to you in person – just to give you a taste of what’s possible on the Hasselblad system. Click on the demo link to schedule your own personal demonstration.

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