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User Showcase

On this new section of our website we will feature selected Hasselblad photographers and their work. All types of photography are welcome, but we will place special emphasis upon photographers who are doing unique or technically challenging things with their Hasselblad gear. To be considered for inclusion in this showcase, please contact your local Hasselblad representative.


    Photographer Steve McCurry

    Master image-maker renowned for capturing the human consequences of war and civil conflict.

    Photographer Marco Grob

    "Keeping It Fast and Simple" and "Mind-Blowing Image Quality Tops H3Dll-39" Specs are some of the comments Photographer Marco Grob says abot Hasselblad H3Dll-39 camera

    Photographer Rodney Hobbs

    “I saw that the pace of change and the introduction of greater mega pixels in the 35mm systems was not going to make my business any different”

    Photographer Tim Flach

    Tim Flach Uses Hasselblad to Create Exquisite Tribute to Horses

    Photographer Joel Meyerowitz

    New York photographer Joel Meyerowitz uses imacon scanner to get the perfect pictures.

    Photographer Ron Kimball

    "The first time I saw one of my H3D final images I was blown away."

    Canfield Scientific

    Canfield Imaging Systems, a division of Canfield Scientific, provides photographic documentation services to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical fields.

    Kevin Lynch: The Ultimate Camera for Ultimate Quality

    Pro photographer Kevin Lynch talks about using his Hasselblad camera to create Octagon, an oversized photographic narrative on the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

    Jonathan Singer

    Jonathan Singer uses Hasselblad to capture remarkable images of flowers.

    Digital Techs Damon Lobel and Jake Trott

    Use the Hasselblad Camera System to provide a one-of-a-kind creative experience to high-end commercial photographers.

    Photographer Henrik Saxgren

    "I value the H3DII-39's ease of use above all else."

    Photographer Roberto Bigano

    "Hasselblad Helps to Create High-Quality Reproductions of Da Vinci Drawings."

    Photographer Michael Meyersfeld

    “I truly love working with the H system cameras - the H3DII-50, as well as the H3DII-39.”

    Photographer Morten Qvale

    “The H3D is the best camera I have ever worked with.”

    Photographer Tommy Flynn

    “With the H3DII-31, the image quality is astounding; the color, perfect; and the sharpness incredible—all of which make my clients very happy.”

    Photographer Alec Soth

    “The H3DII-50 merges the portability and functionality of medium-format digital photography with the sumptuous quality of large-format photography.”

    Photographer Hans Strand

    Flying High with the H3DII - Digital Aerial Photography That’s Easy and Incredibly Powerful

    Humber College Invests in Hasselblad

    Humber’s Creative Photography department is unleashing students’ creativity

    Photographer Efrem Raimondi

    ”The H3DII takes me beyond the digital/not digital question, so I can fully concentrate on the creative process.”

    The Tate, London

    The Tate holds the national collection of British art from 1500 and of international modern art.

    The Multi-shot & the Museum

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a cultural hub in New York City since 1870, realized by the early 1900s that there was a natural affinity between the museum with its works of art and photography.

    Photographer Simon Puschmann

    High-Performance Shoot - Six H3DIIs Play Key Role in Capturing BMW Z4 Ad Campaign

    Magnum Photos

    “With Hasselblad’s Flextight scanners, we can put total faith in the integrity of our digital files, from start to finish.” - Jonathan Roquemore, Magnum Photos.

    Vincent Fournier

    Fantastically Real Photography - H3DII-39 Helps Fournier Capture His Complex World View.

    Serkan Gûnes

    “Hasselblad is the ultimate high-end camera system. It delivers unsurpassed image quality and outstanding detail and color, in addition to being highly functional, rigid, and easy to use.”
    - Serkan Gûnes

    Derek Blanks

    Since moving from a 35mm, Canon 5D camera to a medium-format, Hasselblad H4D-31 camera in October of last year, Derek Blanks has become one of three Essence Magazine cover photographers.

    Mitsuaki Koshizuka

    “My H4D images have a luxurious, film-like quality.”

    Niels Van Iperen

    From the Netherlands to rock concerts, to New York, to London, to traveling all over Latin America and currently living in Colombia, portrait photographer, Niels Van Iperen has seen it all.